What is the 20/40 Policy?

If you are anything like us, you don’t want everyone rocking the same things as you.

Individuality is important, and at the MAIN IDEA that is our focus. We want you to stand out, we want you to turn heads, we want your accessories to be


That is why we only sell 20 pair of most items in our inventory. 20. That’s it.

We have 50 states, so if you think about it, the odds of someone else showing up looking like you are pretty rare.

We also believe that you can look fly and not have to break the bank. Our competitors sometimes charge the upwards of $10-20 for ONE pair of earrings. We aren’t trying to empty your pockets so that ours can become fatter.

We want us all to win!

At THE MAIN IDEA nothing in our boutique will ever be over $40. (**Unless it is a one of a kind customized item that cost more to make due to labor and materials**). We want our online boutique to be the best kept secret. It is not our intention to sell to the masses and become some huge conglomerate.

This is for us, you, and few other dope people that like to set trends.

Come back and visit us often, we are certain we will have things you love.

Love, Peace, & Joy