Caring for accessories

Wooden Jewelry

Always store wood jewelry in an air-tight bag to avoid dust and moisture. You can risk damage to your wood jewelry with long exposure to water.

Use a micro cloth rag to wipe down the surface of your wood jewelry to avoid dust and dirt buildup

Many of our earrings are made from laser cut wood. Please be careful with these products as they will break if not stored properly.

A color change or patina will occur over time from the conditioning oils & your skin oils.  This is normal and natural

Please understand that with wooden jewelry sometimes there will be small differences in color, or markings that come from the natural state of the wood. If you are looking for a set of earrings with no distinctions, that are exactly the same no matter how small the difference, you may not want to purchase from our store. We want you to be happy with your purchase and would hate not to meet your expectations.

Handbags (Faux Leather/Vinyl)

.               Simply mix a bit of mild soap with warm water and wipe down with a clean, soft white cloth dipped in the solution. Follow up with a wipe with a water-dampened cloth and dry with another soft cloth.


Store in original bag purse came in. Watch out for oils, water and other liquids as they can leave permanent marks           


Never store leather or faux leather handbags in plastic bags. The plastic can actually stick to the leather and ruin it; plus plastic bags trap moisture that can lead to mildew. Use an old pillowcase or cotton bag to prevent dust from accumulating during off-season storage. The fabric bag will allow the materials to breathe and remain supple.

Stuff bags with tissue paper when not in use so they will keep their shape.

Do not hang. Store upright or lie flat to preserve shape.